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I am very goal driven. Fortunately for me, home sellers and buyers are goal driven also. Sellers have a timeline, a price goal and a determination to achieve one or both. The home buyers I enjoy, will work very hard to make an educated decision they will be happy to live with.

In a real estate transaction, I find it easy to set aside my own personal preferences or dislikes. I enjoy helping people maintain focus on the wants, likes and goals for themselves and their entire family. As the professional, I know it is important to communicate my insights clearly, while being respectful of each clients unique needs.

Working with buyers, I have a history of quickly identifying those houses that coincide with my clients goals and budget. Even more importantly, I have a high acceptance rate on the offers I have presented. I clearly have a knack for carefully crafting the specific terms of an offer (not always the highest price) that sellers accept.

Selling a home today means internet all the way. My goal is thousands of eyes on every room of every home I market for a seller. I want the buyers standing in line.

My online advertising is like an international dating site for a house. You wouldnt post a picture of yourself in sweats at the hardware store on a dating site. People know we all live that way; but, the online marketplace is selling the dream of owning a stunning and stylish home.

Century 21 has international syndication and the most recognized name in Real Estate. Local and international buyers appreciate brand names, and the confidence they inspire.

When listing a home for sale, I maximize a homes exposure through aggressive internet advertising as well as thorough expert local neighborhood coverage. I orchestrate sensational low cost staging and superior photography that have turned my internet ads into closed sales with buyers as far away as Beijing.

While you are here, take a look at my virtual tours, and see if there is anything there that might interest you. If so, I would be happy to give you a personal viewing.

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